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Chiropodist or Podiatrist? – A commonly asked question!

The term chiropodist is commonly known by most people to mean a person that works on the feet.

The word ‘Chiropodist’ comes from CHIRO – from the Greek for hand, and PODOS- from the Greek for foot.

The word ‘Podiatrist’ comes from POD – from the Greek for foot.

The title of Chiropodist has been in use since Foot Ankle Doctor Amboy WA 98601 the 1700’s. A Mr David Low first used the title around 1785. He was an Inn keeper and part time corn cutter. The use of this title helped to elevate his status in much the same way that the title of Dentist has done for Dentists’.

This title has certainly helped to lift the profession and make it widely known to the public Amboy WA 98601 that if they want their feet treated they should go to a properly trained professional.

The titles Chiropodist and Podiatrist are now protected under the health professions order of 2003; making it a criminal offence to use the titles if a person is not on the HPC register. The HPC licence must be renewed every couple of years and the health care professional Foot Ankle Doctor Amboy WA 98601 must undergo regular continual professional development (CPD). This helps the health care professional keep up to date within their chosen profession. And give the public confidence in the professional that they are using the most up to date techniques available. The length of training now is a 3-4 years Degree course at a recognised University.

It is generally accepted that the Chiropodist undertake Amboy WA 98601 treatment and diagnosis of conditions relating to the foot and lower limb. Most people are given to understand that the Chiropodist treats nails, corns, callus verrucas and provides excellent palliative care. Whilst this is certainly true the scope of practice of the modern day professional is much wider than it was even ten to twenty years ago. The profession now includes Biomechanics, Amboy WA 98601 Musculoskeletal Medicine, Podiatric Acupuncture, minor surgery and even complete lower limb surgery for the more advanced Surgical Podiatrist. The profession is advancing rapidly.

Due to this advancement in the profession and wider scope of practice the title Podiatrist is much more heavily in use nowadays. The title Podiatrist originally came from the USA where it is in wide use. It is now becoming Amboy WA 98601 very popular here in the UK. Most new University graduates tend to use the title Podiatrist rather than Chiropodist. This is helping to elevate the profession once again much in the same way that Chiropodist helped to make the profession become widely accepted throughout the world.

The Health Professions Council has not drawn a distinction between the titles Chiropodist or Podiatrist, either title Amboy WA 98601 or both can be used by the trained health care professional.

Within the profession it is widely becoming accepted that Chiropody is used for palliative foot care and Podiatry is used for more advanced work such as minor surgery. But this is not always the case.

It is possible that as the profession moves forward over the next decade that the title of Chiropodist Amboy WA 98601 will fall into disuse. This would be a shame as people within the profession have fought long and hard to have Chiropodist and Podiatrist become protected titles and make it the well respected profession it is today.

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