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Podiatrists’ podiatry is the name of two different terms in general. Bur in the world of foot pain, podiatry and podiatrist are the two most associated words. Podiatry, also called chiropody, is a branch of medicine devoted to the study, diagnosis and treatment of human foot, ankle and lower leg disorders, diseases and deformities. The term comes from the Greek words pous meaning “foot” and iatreia Foot Ankle Doctor Los Alamos NM 87544 meaning “to heal”. Podiatry is also related to orthopedics, a branch of medicine concerned with correcting problems that involve the bones and joints of the skeletal system.

A doctor of podiatric medicine, called a podiatrist or podiatrists’ podiatry is a physician that specializes in the field of podiatry. Becoming a podiatrists’ podiatry or practitioner involves obtaining an undergraduate degree by spending four years in an accredited college Los Alamos NM 87544 of podiatry to gain a professional license then continuing in order to achieve a doctorate degree. To further their education and knowledge in podiatry, a podiatrist participates in a post-graduate residency program at an approved hospital or university as an intern.

As a foot care specialist, the podiatrist undergoes intensive study and training in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders in the foot and ankle areas Foot Ankle Doctor Los Alamos NM 87544 by medical and surgical means. In a podiatry career, podiatrists should possess scientific aptitude, interpersonal skills, manual dexterity, and a friendly bedside manner, to suit the profession. As podiatry also involves the study of sprains, infections, fractures, and injuries of the foot, heel and ankle, a podiatrist must also specialized in this field.

A podiatrist treats most common foot problems like fungal infections and bacterial conditions, dry Los Alamos NM 87544 skin, bunion pain, corns and calluses, warts, ingrown and painful toenails, hammer toe and pours. In order to treat foot problems, a podiatrist will prescribe drugs and physical therapy, set fractures, and perform surgeries. They may also order X-rays and laboratory tests to diagnose a foot problem. Often, feet show signs of serious diseases or conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, and even heart disease, so a Los Alamos NM 87544 podiatrist will also consult with other health practitioners and refer their patients to them when they detect symptoms of these disorders.

Bunion pain, caused by the enlargement and deformity in the joint that separates the foot and big toe, can be treated by having a bunionectomy. The podiatrist will suggest patients suffering from bunion pain undergo the bunionectomy, during which the surgeon removes the deformed section of Los Alamos NM 87544 the foot joint to ensure prevention of future bunions. Bunion removal surgeries and various foot bone fusions are some of the most commonly performed surgeries of a podiatrist. In fungal toenail infections, patients require medical prescription medication for the treatment to eliminate the infection and a competent podiatrist’s podiatry.

The human foot is susceptible to many stresses. Foot pain, painful toenails and other problems can cause unbearable Los Alamos NM 87544 discomfort, inflammation, or injury, resulting in limited movement and mobility leading to loss of an active lifestyle. As most foot problems end up with the patient having painful toenails, podiatrists often advise to pay extra attention to the toes. While toes are small, and seemingly unnoticeable, toenail problems can be a big inconvenience and very painful. Aching feet and painful toenails can be avoided if you Los Alamos NM 87544 give good care and attention at home; or get proper information and guidance from a podiatrist’s podiatry.

It is always very important to seek assistance from the right person. Rest assured, patients suffering from foot pain can have the best treatment from a licensed and experienced podiatrist in the field of podiatry.

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